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Tank Boss oxygen cylinder lift

Tank Boss

The Original Portable Oxygen Cylinder Lift

"Simple and safe operation,"
John P. - MI

All units come FULLY ASSEMBLED and have a Full 3-Year Warranty!

Tank Boss

The Tank Boss is an innovative solution for lifting and moving oxygen cylinders, tanks, bottles. Specifically designed to vertically raise tanks up to 27", it is ideal for loading tanks into ambulances. There is also a horizontal lift which raises to 44". These two separate lifts make it a breeze to transport, lift and load cylinders into EMS vehicles. This can also be used for gas cylinders or bottles depending on dimensions.

Large steering handle for easy maneuverability.

This zero-lift device is simple and effective to use.

New Lease Program

Full benefits and service for one low monthly fee.

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Durable & Reliable!

Don't be fooled by systems that are merely for helping load oxygen cylinders. The Tank Boss will do the actual lifting for you!

"Prevents lower back injuries,"
Darren W. - TX

Why lift when the BOSS can do it for you?

lifting injuries stop herestop back injuries

The only proven method for preventing back injuries is NOT to lift!

Tank Boss lifting cylinder into an ambulance
Slide cylinder directly into vehicle

"IT WORKS" - Chuck J. - IL

Portable Tank Boss vs. On-board Lift
Tank Boss On-board Lift
One time purchase Must buy new lift with each new ambulance (every 2-3 years)
One Tank Boss works for an entire fleet of vehicles Each vehicles requires its own lift
It will carry tank from storage area to ambulance Does not help with moving cylinder from storage
Takes up zero space on ambulance Takes up space and adds weight to one side of ambulance
Will not use any voltage from vehicle Pulls amperage from electrical system of ambulance


There are two basic types of Tank Bosses: a vertical lift for cylinders stored upright in the ambulance and a horizontal lift for cylinders stored horizontally. The horizontal lift can be used to turn tank upright for storage on the ground.

Vertical Tank Boss

Horizontal Tank Boss

Vertical Tank Boss horizontal tank boss


Key Benefits

  • Simple to use
  • Eliminates back injuries caused from lifting cylinders
  • Maintains control of tank at all times
  • Easy to maneuver - WIDE steering handle
  • Slides tank directly into ambulance compartment

tank boss graph

For rugged terrain, we can install pneumatic tires for a slight additional charge.

Charging battery on Tank Boss
remove strap from unit
Tank Boss Cradle


Simply plug adapter into the bottom of the battery to recharge.


Removing cylinder

You can unhook the safety strap from the unit. Then, either slide around cylinder or place it over the top of cylinder. Then hook back onto unit.

Tank Sizes

The Tank Boss cradle for the vertical combo lift is uniquely designed to fit either an M cylinder or an H cylinder.


Injury vs Tank Boss

"Easy to use," Hank K. - CT ...... "Effortless lift," Doug B. - CA

Tank Boss Dimensions:

  • Height = 54 1/2" when lowered
  • Width = 18"
  • Length = 32"
  • Weight = 100 lb (ships as 125 lb w/crate)

Let the Boss do the lifting!


vertical patent # US7,824,144B2 - horizontal patent # US7,789,611B2