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Multi-Grip Head Immobilizer

Disposable Head Immobilizer
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Multi-Grip Head Immobilizer


The Multi-Grip was designed by a fire-fighter in 1989. Today this effective CID is used across the US as well as in other countries. It comes in three sizes: adult, child and infant / pediatric.

Here is a complete system for your head immobilization needs. Its design makes it a universal head immobilizer. Each unit includes head and chin straps and is individually packaged in thermo-sealed film.


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Key Benefits

  • Straps stay put, unit stays put and patient stays put
  • Compatible with all C-collars and backboards
  • Radiolucent
  • Easy access to the ears
  • Head strap sticks to board, not to skin/hair (foam covers forehead area)
  • Non-claustrophobic design
  • Buoyant for water rescue
  • Head and chin straps come with each unit
  • Infant size will fit in a car seat
  • Can be used with motorcycle/football helmets
  • Closed-cell foam

Immobilizing Motorcycle Helmet

Works with helmets

Child Size

Child size

infant multi-grip

Infant / pedi size

Multi-Grip in car seat

The Multi-Grip can be used in a car seat with infants.


Multi-Grip vs Other CID's
Cost effective / disposable Non-disposables are expensive to replace & require costly cleaners
Simple & ready to use Some CID's need assembly or have multiple steps before ready
No need to attach to backboards first or reposition which can move patient Sticky strips: can be placed in wrong position, repositioning compromises adhesive & leaves residue which dirt adheres to Velcro: attracts debris & becomes less effective over time
Works on all backboards, including baskets & scoops Most CID's will not work on all types of backboards - especially scoops
Waterproof, buoyant Some CID's lose stability when wet or soiled
Works in a variety of unique & critical situations: motorcycle/race-car/football helmets, infant car seats, etc Many immobilizers will not work in these important situations
The Multi-Grip's exclusive head strap has strategically placed foam strips - strap sticks to backboard but NOT to patient's hair/skin Most straps stick to patient's hair, eyebrows and skin which can later cause pain, discomfort and/or allergic reaction to adhesive
100 % latex free Not all CID's are 100% latex free
Can be written on for quick notation Unable to write on all CID's





multi-gripmulti-grip sizes

Available Sizes: Adult, Child, Infant

The different sizes allow for access to the ears.
Approximate ages:
Infant - up to 2 years
Child - 2 to 10 years
Adult - 10 + years

*This can vary due to size of patient


Keep tape from sticking to gloves:

head strap
Multi-Grip Straps

Rip liner in the middle, use label to center over patient's head.


Pull liner from tape while placing head strap in position over cylinder.


head strap
Multi-Grip Straps
Roll cylinder towards patient's head, push tape under backboard while pulling liner out. A truss is created which inhibits movement.




Download Multi-Grip Instructions Multi-Grip Instructions